To read more about the first session of this program, launched September 19th - 24th, 2010 in New York, please click HERE.

Broadway Education Master Classes

In collaboration with Peking University, Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment has established a Certification Level educational program, aiming at introducing the business process of the American Musical Theatre industry to officials and theatre professionals.

The goal of this program is to educate up and coming Chinese managers and policy makers in world-class theatre operations, utilizing the talents of the world's largest private owned theatre family combined with a team of skilled Broadway industry experts.

Form: a Series of working educational seminars and theatre tours in both classroom style and on site practical tour experiences.

Audience: Chinese government officials, theatre professionals and academic experts.

Length: 6 working days in New York

Size of a class: around 20 people

Class schedule to include:

  • The history and development of Broadway as a world-class brand, and how this relates to the future of world-class touring productions;
  • The economic impact of Musical Theatre to the lifeblood  and vitality of its city;
  • The Musical theatre industry, and how the USA, Great Britain and China share common principles in operational processes;
  • The Regional Theatre and Broadway road tour models and how they are unique to Broadway, including on site tour of a prominent Regional Theatre;
  • The Musical Theatre Production Process, including development of shows, getting the show from script to stage, and highlighting the unique differences between the western production process and the Chinese process;
  • Selecting Musicals that are both commercially and artistically viable, and how this decision impacts the operation of theatres, and the livelihood of the industry at large;
  • Theatre ticketing, and its uniqueness in managing, auditing, comptrolling and marketing tickets;
  • Theatre Marketing & Advertising, including developing a brand through title and logo, classifying world class entertainment as special not-to-be-missed events and exploiting that brand through all forms of marketing - guerilla, web, print, radio, tv and outdoor;
  • An in depth tour backstage and behind the scenes of a working Broadway theatre;
  • Producing world class theatre, from budgeting, fundraising, creative team supervision, casting and "packaging" a show.

The intensive educational week in New York will also include:

  • Theatre backstage and operational visits;
  • Talks with Theatre house managers;
  • Roundtable discussion about the future of Chinese show import and exports;
  • Roundtable of issues and questions, and how Broadway experts would tackle problems.

Logistics support: Nederlander will supply letters of invitation (may be used by the attendee to assist them in getting a US Visa) for the program.  These letters will be supplied to confirmed attendees 9 weeks prior to the program commencements.  Note, that Nederlander cannot guarantee US visas, however, will assist with letter of invitation and lobbying the Embassy and Consulates in China to assist attendees.

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