SOUL OF SHAOLIN is a breathtaking new Chinese martial arts spectacle that tells the story of a boy named Hui Guang who is separated from his mother by war. Hui Guang is found and taken in by the legendary monks of the Shaolin temple and raised among them.  As he becomes a man, Hui Guang becomes an accomplished master of Shaolin Kung Fu and embarks on a spectacular journey of self-discovery.

SOUL OF SHAOLIN features 33 Chinese nationals highly skilled in Shaolin Kung Fu, the astounding martial art featured in such blockbuster films as Fearless (starring international superstar Jet Li) and Shaolin Soccer.

This amazing show blends the fantastic display of Shaolin Kung Fu with the rich history and tradition of the Chinese people. Created by world-class artists from Chinese theatre, opera and ballet, SOUL OF SHAOLIN is dazzling entertainment your whole family will remember forever.

SOUL OF SHAOLIN takes place during wartime in Chinese history. Hui Guang, a child who was separated from his mother, was found by a Kung Fu monk from Shaolin Temple and brought back to the temple. As Hui Guang grows up under the care of the monks, he is instructed in the unique ways Shaolin Kung Fu and the daily practicing of Kung Fu skills.

To get a true understanding of Shaolin Kung Fu, some have climbed Mount Songshan in China’s Henan Province, others have visited the Shaolin Temple to meditate or simply to study the Chinese characters on the temple’s front gate.