Creative Team

Producer: Fang Jun

Filmmaker: Wang Jingbo

Planner: Li Zhixiang

Production Manager: Fang Yongnian

Director: Liu Tongbiao
Being the state’s first grade director, he is a director from Shanghai People's Art Center. Under the guide of Huang Zuolin, the drama master, he dabbled in drama, film, play, opera, tourism art and big evening parties.

Executive Director: Xue Weijun
As a director from Shanghai Theatre Academy, Xue has been involved in directing stage and multi-arts evening shows. Xue's representative work is "Shaolin Martial Art".

Director and Stage Supervisor: Wang Zhenpeng
As a director from Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe, Wang's works include "Hamlet" and "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy".

Stage Designer: Xie Tongmiao
Being the state's first grade stage designer, Xie is a stage designer from Shanghai Yueju Opera Theatre. Xie's main works include "February" and "Yang Naiwu".

Lighting Designer:Song Tianjiao
Graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy with the major of stage design, Song used to be lighting designer at Shanghai Lycenm Theatre. Currently, Song is the chief lighting designer of "Shaolin Martial Art'.' Song's work include "New Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio" and ABBA's concert.

Music: Zhou Chenglong
As the state's first grade composer and the former colonel of Shanghai National Orchestra, Zhou is currently the chairman of the National Orchestral Music Committee of Shanghai Musician Association.

Chief Martial Art Director: Jiao Hongbo
Being the state's first grade coach, Jiao achieves the seventh grade in Chinese martial art. He is the curator of Shanghai Temple's Martial Art Museum.

Martial Art Director: Jiang Dongxu
Achieving the sixth grade in Chinese martial art, Jiang is a master in China and also a martial art judge at province-level.

Martial Art Director: Zhu Huayin
Achieving the sixth grade in Chinese martial art, Zhua is a martial art judge at province-level.

Nederlander Worldwide Productions, LLC and affiliates

(NWP) are led by Robert Nederlander, Jr., a third generation member of the Nederlander family, one of the great dynasties of the American theater. Mr. Nederlander founded and has personally overseen NWP's efforts in China since 2000, establishing the first Chinese foreign joint venture in the performance industry and creating a highly successful network of Chinese theaters for their touring productions including, in part, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Wuhan, Xi'an and Tianjin.  Recent productions presented by NWP that have toured China include 42nd Street and Aida.

Eastern Shanghai International Culture, Film & Television Group

Eastern Shanghai International Culture, Film & Television Group is a comprehensive, extensive and multiple operational entity. The multiple scope of businesses of the Group are concentrated in four sections -- film & television arts, science & technology industry, creative culture and agent of performance.

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